Choosing the Right Direction (and Rubric!)

The different ways I am considering presenting my project are by creating a flyer on Smore or making a web page.   I’m not sure which one I really want to do out of those 3 options, but I want to be able to be creative and not have just a bland project. These two options will allow me to be as creative as I want to be and easily share the information that I have learned in this class about special education and the certain technologies that can assist in personal learning.  I’m really excited to share what I’ve learned in a unique way!

Here below is my Genius Hour Project Rubric on how I would like to be graded:

Total of 50 points:

Content: Information is well thought out, precise, offers a solution to the question, and knowledgeable. / 10 pts.

Research: Student shows adequate knowledge of the subject and proves to have /15 pts.

Understanding: Student shows clear understanding of their question and answers. /10 pts.

Organization: Spelling and Grammar are accurate and the information and layout are well developed and understandable. / 10 pts.

Creativity: Student shows evidence of originality and uniqueness. Presentation is enjoyable to observe. / 5 pts.


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