Week 2 Discoveries

This week has shown me so much on how important technology can be in projects and how you can find resources around every corner. I never thought that I could learn so much from social media or my classmates in an online class. However, I believe I’ve gotten a chance to know more about people by sharing FlipGrid’s, having Twitter accounts, and reading blog post.

In exploring other Genius Hour Projects, I discovered that two of my classmates were also researching the use of technology in special education classrooms. We all have personal experiences with those with special needs and are very passionate about knowing more to help them. I also discovered another classmate’s project looking to see how to establish meaningful learning in K-12 education.  We all hope to find ways to make learning more meaningful and personal with the use of technology in both the average K-12 classrooms and special education classrooms.

I never realized how resourceful Twitter could be in this project and how many people out there are passionate about students and making the education process better to fit their needs. It has been a great help in finding many articles and blog post that give me a variety of voices to hear and different persepectives to see. Some great accounts and hashtags to check out are @stephenrocco, #edtech, and #creativitymatters.

I participated in the #edtechchat, which was very fun and enlightening. We talked about “Content Creation on IPads.” At first, it was very intimidated because all the tweets came in all at once and it was hard to keep up. However, I realized that it was not important to catch ever tweet or to respond to every question. It was just important to interact and engage in the conversation and open your mind to new perceptions. I discovered many different programs that teachers use in their classrooms that I realize could be helpful in answering my question for my project. Susan M. Bearden (@s_bearden) is the co-moderator of #edtechchat and was very welcoming to my first Twitter chat. Sharon LePage Plante (iplante) is also another great person to follow on Twitter who tweets amazing sources about technology in education.


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