My Topic and Why I Chose It

Question: What types of technology can effectively facilitate meaningful learning among students with Down Syndrome?

I have decided to focus on the types of technology that can assists those who are born with down syndrome learn meaninfully.  I have an uncle who has down syndrome and have had the opportunity to work with some amazing kids as well.  People born with down syndrome are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet in your life with such kinds spirits.  However, many tend to lack confidence in the classroom if they excluded or not heard.  Therefore, it is important that those with down syndrome do not feel excluded in any activities and have the motivation to learn.  I believe that technology in the classroom can help build the active, cooperative, intentional, authentic, and constructive skills and confidence of students with down syndrome.

I am not sure what kind or how widely technology is used by teachers, but I believe that it could be very efficient in K12 education.  I know my uncle really struggled in school socially and academically because he did not feel adequate to “normal” people.  He felt that he had to go at the pace of everyone else and reach the same standards as those who do not have the disease, and many times he just felt like giving up.  I believe that teachers, volunteers, and parents who interact with students who have down syndrome would be interested in my topic.  I feel they are the main people passionate about these special sweethearts and would want to help them in anyway possible.

As far as my research goes, I will begin my search looking into the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS), which advocates for everyone with down syndromes and offers many resources on the programs that help them in the classroom.  I also plan on going to the local library and searching for books regarding the education of down syndrome students. The NDSS (@NDSS) and The Global Down Syndrome Foundation (@GDSFoundation) are great twitter pages that provide information, inspiration, and motivation for down syndrome people around the world.  Some other great twitter hashtags to search are #downsyndrome and #trisomy21.

I am really excited to start my research and learn more about ways to help students with down syndrome with their cognitive skills, their confidence, and their motivation.


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